How to Redecorate Your College Dorm Room

The second semester of classes just started for me last week on Monday, January 8th! For many of you classes are starting this coming week so I decided I would make my first post all about how to spice up your dorm room for the new semester.

Change is a good thing, and thats why I highly suggest rearranging or redecorating your room for the new semester. Dorm rooms are quite small and stuffy, so changing up your space every now and then will start to make it not as boring. Looking at the same thing everyday can get tiring pretty fast especially if you like to spend a lot of time in your room. You don't need to get too crazy and start moving furniture around, but simple changes are perfect for the new year.

The first section that I always go to when I am redecorating a space is the bed. This is basically the main focal point of your room, so if you get overwhelmed easily start here! Even something small like changing out your pillows can change your room's look. Don't overdue it with pillows because
they can look cluttered on a twin sized bed, but 3-4 is the perfect amount. I like to make my bed look as comfy as possible by adding fluffy pillows and throws! My pink pillow in the back is from bed bath and beyond and I love the pop of color it gives to my room.

Switching up the wall decor by my bed is also something that I recently did at the start of the week! I got this world map tapestry from amazon! Before most of my wall was blank with one decoration, other than my pictures, but now I am in love with the space! Hanging up tapestries or posters in your room can make the environment more fun and personal. To add even more of a comfy feel to your room you can use fairy lights. This is something that I have been doing in my room for many years now and it always pulls everything together.

 The next big thing I like to focus on when decorating a space is the desk. In college, I spend a lot of time at my desk studying, doing my makeup, and right now I'm writing this post there! It is important that you're happy with your space so that way you are more motivated to actually get some work done. Some essentials that every desk should have is:
-Desk lamp
                                      -vanity mirror(for makeup and etc.)
    -wall calendar
                                                                   -Makeup organizer(If you are a beauty enthusiast like myself)
                                           -cute decorations that make you happy
Its all up to you based on your needs and what you like to have in your work environment! What you have on your desk is just as important as how you decorate it. 

Last semester I never used a wall calendar and after getting one for this year I really wish I did! Its so easy to wright down all of your due dates and you can see what you need to get done right in front of you. I got this one from target, and it was only 6 dollars. I also got my cute little room diffuser from the target dollar section! They have a lot of cute decor items so next time you go I recommend you look around and even pick out a few items. 

As you can probably tell, I love having my space organized. You get more done, and also you won't annoy your roommate by having your stuff everywhere - remember they have to look at your space everyday too! 
you can make your ugly dorm room chairs look more cute by putting a jacket or blanket over it! 
Even if you change a few simple things in your dorm room, it is still a new start for the new year and new classes! I hope that everyone has a great start to the semester and the new year! 

How do you like to decorate your space? 


  1. Do you remember where you got that be you the world will adjust wall decor it’s so cute!


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