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The Perfect Makeup Look For Summer

If you're anything like me, during the summer you get pretty lazy when it comes to your makeup routine. Its way too hot outside to apply layers of foundation on your face and it will just melt right off! I decided to walk you through the makeup look that I have been doing this summer that I have been LOVING. Its super simple and takes almost no time at all!

To start, I always prime my face using my Milk Makeup hydration stick and blur stick! These two products are amazing, the hydration stick especially is for the summer. It makes your skin feel instantly hydrated and its super cooling! Sometimes I will keep it in the fridge overnight so its extra cool and feels like you're basically rubbing an ice cube on your face. The blur stick blurs out all of your pores, making them appear smaller or even non existent. It is definitely one of my must-have products.

After I prep my skin for the makeup I move onto brows, and I just simply fill them in with the NYX tame and frame pomade. Th…

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